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News Notes September 19, 2014

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Arts and Crafts Show:
For the seventh year, the Arts & Crafts Show, hosted at our beautiful Lake Caroline Clubhouse on Bellevue Drive, will be Saturday, October 18th, from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. We can now accommodate up to sixty exhibitors and all spaces have been reserved. The Mermaid Café will be part of our show again this year. Be sure to include it in your plans for that weekend.
The Show has something for everyone in the family. There will be many from the Mississippi Craftsmens Guild who will exhibit their crafts just in time for holiday shopping or special occasion gift giving. All but a few of the artisans are from Mississippi, so be sure to come out and support your local crafters.

LCOA Board Recap:

  • Approved August 21st LCOA Board minutes.
  • Reviewed and approved August financial statements and reports.
  • An update was given on current litigation. The judgment of the Mississippi Court of Appeals affirmed Madison County Circuit Court dismissing the negligent claim against Lake Caroline. 
  • Board projects for improvements of amenities was discussed. No action taken.
  • Reviewed the September minutes of Advisory Council meeting. Chairperson Wanda Garner gave a verbal report of the Advisory Council meeting.
  • An Advisory Council approved Resolution to Sheriff Randy Tucker was approved in appreciation for the deputies working for Lake Caroline.
  • The Board continued to work on revising the Revised Rules and Regulations. The Board will continue this process until the October Board meeting.
  • Events Committee report was reviewed for events, and costs, for balance of year.
  • ARC report was reviewed.
  • Lake Committees request for fishing structure was tabled requesting additional information from the committee.
  • Gluckstadt Fire Departments request for a donation was approved. This was a 2014 budgeted item.
  • Reviewed August covenant violation report.
  • The 2015 preliminary budget was reviewed and discussed. The 2015 Draft Budget was tabled until the October meeting.
  • The LCOA donation to the Gluckstadt Fire Department was approved.
  • Landscaping at all subdivisions entrances was discussed. The Board wants entrances priorities according to need.
  • Entergys proposed 23K Transmission line around Lake Caroline was presented. No Action taken.

Lake Caroline Welcome Committee:
Committee has a new chairperson and is ready to welcome all of our new residents!   Welcome bags have been assembled and we are ready to roll!  Sharon Boyle, from Southampton Circle, has kindly volunteered to chair this committee.
The most difficult part for the welcome committee is finding out when new residents move in to the neighborhood.  The perfect solution would be to have a representative from each street or neighborhood who would contact Sharon when a new neighbor moves in. 
If you would like to volunteer to be a neighborhood representative or would like to assist the committee in some way, contact Sharon. Her contact information is listed below.
Thank you, Sharon, for chairing this committee.
Sharon Boyle
117 Southampton Circle
601-856-8509 home

Restoration of Park:
The firm commitment I received last week did not happen on repairing and paving the walking path. The contractor and I talked again this week a couple of times, if work is not completed next week, provided it is not too wet, we will void the contract and start looking for another contractor. The balance of the work should start immediately after walking trail is paved.

• Retention pond has been completed. 

• Trimming of trees is now completed.

• Damaged portions of the walking trail have now been completed.

• Paving of the trail should be next week, provided we have good weather.

• Grading the park and correcting some drainage issues, using the dirt dug from theg retention pond will be completed after asphalting the walking trail.

• Seeding of grass and covering with oat straw over all fresh dirt will complete the project.

If property owners would like to have some of this very rich dirt dug from the retention pond, feel free to load it up.

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