News Notes
Protecting our Community
Posted on Mar 11th, 2021

Protecting our community so that it remains a beautiful and enjoyable place to live is a priority for LCOA. Last year, LCOA contracted with Bullock Investigation and Security to help enforce our covenants, the document that guides our actions in the community. Based on the value provided by the company, LCOA has renewed the contract for 2021. Bullock has a black jeep liberty with their name and logo on the sides. 
Bullock helps ensure that outsiders are not accessing our amenities and that residents are using amenities as intended. The company will do the following:
1)   Approach individuals on LCOA common grounds to ask if they are a LC resident or a guest (accompanied by a resident).
2)   Approach individuals on property belonging to LCI, Stockett or Cress developers, when that property borders the lake, to validate that they are a LC resident or guest (accompanied by a resident).
3)   Ask non-residents to leave and remind residents of specific covenants when a covenant is not being followed.
4)   If a crime is being committed, call the Sheriff’s office, and temporarily detain the individual, if necessary.
Please help support this process. Although it may feel uncomfortable being asked if you are a resident when you are accessing part of the neighborhood you live in, it is necessary if we are going to prevent others from accessing our amenities. Bullock Security has been instructed to ask each person when validating residency.