News Notes
Advisory Council Update
Posted on Sep 15th, 2023

The Advisory Council met on September 12 and the following was discussed:
  • A resident complained his neighbor’s wooden fence did not meet LCOA ARC guidelines. Jeff Portwood explained the fence exceeded the ARC’s 24-foot wood fence setback requirement from the shoreline.
  • A resident expressed concern about an unsightly house. The office has implemented all actions allowed under covenants and restrictions to remedy the violations, including fines, a lien, and a lawsuit on the property/owner.
  • A resident questioned whether LCI pays assessments on its commercial property. LCI only pays assessments on platted residential property.
  • Jeff Portwood discussed the financial report. LCOA is 5% ahead of YTD budget for income and exactly on budget with expenses.
  • Jeff Portwood has spoken with Supervisor Trey Baxter and the road engineer Tim Bryant about the County installing a guard rail on the opposite side of the dam road. It is up to Mr. Baxter to decide if this project is justified and allocate funds from his budget. 
  • The Board will be asked to investigate creating a pathway for walkers, bicyclists and golf carts connecting Camden Lake neighborhood with the rest of Lake Caroline, providing access to the Park, pools, etc.
  • The Board will also be asked to investigate improving Christmas decorations at other ‘external’ entrances to Lake Caroline.
  • The ‘Yard Sign’ policy was mentioned and there is a Committee reviewing and updating that policy presently.