News Notes
Construction Will Affect Lake Level
Posted on Jan 8th, 2021

Engineers have prepared a plan, and plans were sent to four contractors for their bids. A contractor, Fowler Construction, was selected. The project may take several months, depending upon weather conditions. We will update you as more is known about the schedule. 
The water level in Lake Caroline will be drawn down twelve inches and maintained at that level until the work has been completed. This process has begun with the water being reduced gradually until the twelve inches below pool is achieved.
If you have a seawall or a deck, you may want to take advantage of the lower water level to perform some maintenance on your property. If you are considering new construction, please contact Al Osteen, Projects Manager, or call (601)898-1370. Any change to the exterior appearance of your property must have Architectural Review Committee approval.
At some point, Bellevue Drive, north of Bridgewater, will be closed and traffic will be diverted to Bridge Water Drive. We will notify you when the road closure is scheduled.