News Notes
Change to Parking Rule
Posted on Jan 27th, 2023

The rules and regulations regarding parking of certain vehicles on the street or in the driveway has been updated to clarify when and how often exceptions can be made. The rule relates to: motor homes, tractors, trucks, (other than pickup trucks) commercial vehicles of any type, campers, motorized campers or trailers, boats or other water craft, boat trailers, ATVs, motorcycles, motorized bicycles, motorized go-carts and other transportation devices.
The following article relates to these specific vehicles, and not to automobiles and pickup trucks, (which is addressed in a different rule) nor does it apply to law enforcement vehicles.
Current Rule:
Parking of such vehicles is prohibited unless:
  1. Circumstances are temporary
  2. Prior approval is obtained from the LCOA office.
Addition to the Rule:
     3. Approval will not be granted for more than 7 days during a six-month period. 
Why this change is necessary:
In some circumstances members have parked vehicles frequently, informing the office after the fact. Or they have made frequent requests to park for short periods of time resulting in inconvenience to others, and negatively affecting the aesthetics in our community. Members have asked us to clarify the rule so that there is a clear limit on time allowed to park these vehicles.
An aesthetically pleasing neighborhood is important to member satisfaction, and to ensuring our property values remain high.
To request an exception, submit a Contact Us ticket, in advance, and wait for a response. If you have not received a response within 24 hours, or if this is an emergency request, please call the office at 601.898.1370.