News Notes
Survey Results on Possible Amendments
Posted on Sep 2nd, 2022

Recently we conducted a survey. Some members have suggested that we amend the covenants on several issues. The purpose of this survey was to determine if there is widespread support for amending the covenants as it relates to:
•       the date of the annual meeting
•       increasing the type of signs allowed
•       sending official notices via email instead of US mail.
The percentage supporting amending the bylaws to change the annual meeting date from a specific date to any date in February as determined by the Board, was 66%.
The percentage supporting a Covenants amendment to send LCOA notices via email instead of US Mail was 59%. Support for signage varied widely depending upon the type of sign.
Bylaws amendments require 66 2/3% vote by the membership and the vote must take place at a special or annual meeting. To amend the Covenants, 51% of the membership must affix their signature to a document showing their support. Passing either type of amendment is a monumental task considering there are over 2200 homes. The results show some support for amendments but whether amendments are adopted or not will depend on the official votes. The Board will draft three separate amendments which will be presented to the membership later this year. You will have adequate notice to decide how you want to vote.