News Notes
Stop Signs Approved
Posted on Sep 9th, 2022

Trey Baxter, District 2 Supervisor, presented our request to install stop signs at specific intersections. Our community has many through streets, making it easier to exceed the posted speed limit. Because this puts our pedestrians, children playing in the area, and pets at risk, we had formally requested that the County install stop signs at specific intersections to help safeguard our members. Stop signs will be installed at 3-way intersections at the following locations:
  1. At the Lake Caroline bridge intersection, Bellevue Drive and Bridge Water
  2. Bridge Water and Northshore Blvd
  3. Camden Pointe and Camden Vale
  4. Camden Pointe and Camden Trail
  5. Camden Pointe and Camden Lane, and
  6. Caroline Blvd and St. Croix Lane.
Stop signs will help but let’s all do our part. Let’s show we care by driving slowly, making sure our speed does not exceed 25 mph.