Park Enhancement Project
The Caroline Crossing Park situated on the west end of Caroline Boulevard was deeded to the Lake Caroline Owner’s Association in 2007 for the purpose of natural drainage, a bird arboretum and walking trail.  It is comprised of a 10-acre wooded area containing a 0.9-mile walking path, a children’s Little Library and a playground. 
The LCOA Landscape Committee has established a sub-group to focus attention on the park consistent with the LCOA’s practice of continually upgrading its amenities. The natural environment will be maintained. The Committee is determined to complete these actions in a fiscally responsible manner by utilizing volunteers and obtaining native plants from various agencies at free or reduced cost. The objectives of the Park Committee’s plan are to:
1.     preserve the ecosystem of the park by providing a natural habitat for birds and butterflies encompassing native plantings to include a butterfly/pollinator garden
2.     provide educational opportunities for children and adults utilizing wildlife and horticultural speakers
3.     increase residents’ mental and physical well-being by providing locations which stimulate the senses of touch, smell, hearing, and sight
4.     promote enjoyment of the park’s walking path.
If you are interested in volunteering for the Park Enhancement Project, please contact Freida Hawley