Architectural Review
When having work done to the exterior appearance of your property, please contact our Project Manager to see if your project needs ARC approval or guidance. Each property owner is responsible for reviewing and adhering to the requirements set forth in the four following documents. To view each document, click on the link provided.
  • Design Guidelines
    • The Design Guidelines are currently being revised so it is important to check with the office rather than relying solely on the document in this link. Ask the Project Manager whether any revisions yet to be included in the document pertain to your project.
The following sections answer questions that you may have about the Architectural Review Committee (ARC) and the review process. Please read the content then contact Gene Gunalda to discuss your project. 

Architectural Review Committee

The Architectural Review Committee was established to ensure that design decisions support an aesthetically pleasing environment for all property owners. The decisions the committee makes help ensure that Lake Caroline's property values are protected and the community continues to be a beautiful place to live. The Architectural Review Committee is responsible for:
  • establishing and updating LCOA's Design Guidelines, while maintaining consistency with the LCOA covenants
  • making decisions on a property owner's request to make changes to the outward appearance of the owner's home or property. 

What type of work is subject to review?

All changes to the outward appearance of your home or property must be approved. These changes include but are not limited to:
Additions, modifications, alterations, as well as removal of structures.
Structures include but are not limited to all exterior home elements, fencing, patios, patio structures such as pergolas, outdoor kitchens and fireplaces, decks, piers, railings, covered boat slips, driveways, tree removal and some forms of landscaping. 
Note - This requirement applies to maintenance work, as well. For example, if you replace a rotten board on your deck, then decide to refinish the surface, if the stain is not identical to the original stain, contact the Project Manager. 
Reference from our Covenants:
(a)   No building, fence, wall or other structure shall be commenced, erected, placed, altered or maintained upon the Property, nor shall any exterior addition to or change or alteration therein be made until the proposed plans and specifications showing the nature, kind, shape, height, materials, exterior color or finish, (plot plan showing the proposed location of such building or structure, drives and parking areas), landscape plan, and construction schedule shall have been submitted to and approved in writing by the Architectural Review Committee.

What if I don't obtain written approval?

If work is started prior to approval, you may be required to remove any or all of the modifications should they not be approved and restore your property to its original condition at your own expense. You may also be cited for a covenant violation and if the violation is not corrected within the requested timeframe, fines will be levied.   

Is there a fee?

That depends on whether an informal or formal review is required. 
Informal Review
Small changes or additions to a property may not require a formal review. If a formal review is not required, then no fees are required. Contact the Project Manager with a written description of your project to determine if it may fall into this category.  
Formal Review
Projects that do not fall under informal review are submitted for formal review. 
There are three types of fees that may apply:
  1. Application fee - This fee of $100 applies to all projects undergoing a formal review.
  2. Construction fee - This fee, like a deposit, is a fee held until the project is completed according to the approved plans. Once inspection confirms this requirement is met, the fee is refunded.
  3. Schedule fee - For certain projects, the ARC Committee uses an architect to assist with the review. A schedule fee is applied when this is necessary.
Access the Fee Schedule: Sample Based upon Common Projects by  Clicking Here 

When can work begin?

Work may begin only after the application and review process is completed, and written approval is granted.

Neighborhoods requiring additional review

Some neighborhoods have additional ARC Oversight with tighter restrictions, and possible additional construction deposits. Only with the written approval of the neighborhood ARC Committee will the project then be reviewed by LCOA’s ARC Committee. Please, upon the request of these ARC Committees, contact LCOA’s Project Manager to initiate your application, and it will be delivered to the applicable neighborhood committee. These neighborhoods include: 
  1. Belle Pointe
  2. Camden Court                                             
  3. Caroline Pointe  
  4. Katherine Pointe
  5. North Shore
  6. Pembroke
  7. Southampton.                                 

Application Process

1. Email and ask whether the proposed work will require an ARC application with review.
Does the work require review?
If no, end of process.
If yes, go to step 2.
2. Discuss the project with Gene.
3. Gene prepares a custom application unique to your project and emails it to you.
4. Submit requested documents.
5. You will be informed as to which additional steps are required.  These steps depend upon the project and may involve actions such as payment of fees and/or deposits and a site visit by the project manager.
Why is there no standard application form?
As stated in the Design Guidelines all projects are unique in nature. The ARC committee considers a number of factors, such as the architectural and environmental design of your individual home, and the appearance of other homes in your neighborhood, and in the community at large. A custom application will be tailored to fit the unique circumstances of your situation. 

Do I do anything once the work is completed?

Yes. Within 3 months of the work being completed, notify the project manager to schedule an inspection. After the inspection, and upon completing all other requirements, the construction fee will be returned. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need ARC Approval for:
  • Adding a Fence?
  • Changing the color of my roof?
  • Adding or enlarging a Pier?
  • Painting my home a new color or painting the unpainted brick on my home?
  • Building any structure, outdoor fireplace, pergola or cabana?
  • Adding a pre-fabricated pergola to my patio? 
Yes, to all these questions.
What changes to the exterior of my home or property do not require approval?
Minor additions and substitutions of plants or maintenance using materials which were approved on a prior Architectural Review Application do not require approval. Refer to the next two questions for more information. All other changes must be approved as there are no preapproved colors, structures or design elements that do not require review. Our project manager, Gene Gunalda, is happy to help you with your requests and many simple requests do not involve a formal application or fees. Contact Gene at (601) 898-1370 or
How long will it take to get approval for my submitted plans?
Covenants provide the ARC with 30 days to make a decision, but very rarely does it take that long. Always plan ahead.
Basketball Goal
Do I need approval for a basketball goal? 
Portable basketball goals do not need approval. However, if you want to set a basketball goal in concrete it must be reviewed and approved prior to installation. 
Do I need approval to repair or re-stain a fence?
Initially, fence projects must be approved prior to installation as they serve as an extension of the architecture of your home. Thereafter, fence repairs must be consistent with the originally approved application. If you are replacing pickets, painting, or staining, and do not have a copy of the previously approved form, or have questions, contact Gene Gunalda, LCOA Project Manager. His guidance will help ensure that your repairs are made with approved materials, such as cedar or cypress pickets. Pressure treated pine pickets are forbidden. There is no ARC application form or fee associated with repairing fences using previously approved materials.
Are there gutter specifications to follow?
Yes, check with the office.
Landscape Border
Do I need permission to add a landscape bed border?
Yes, before you invest in materials, call to see if the material is approved. Materials such as cinder blocks, used railroad crossties, and broken concrete are never approved. A formal application and fees are not usually required for small projects. 
Landscape Changes
Can I change out or add some shrubs and flowers in my landscape without review?
Yes, but if you install a new landscape or hard scape or make major renovations, you must get approval. 
What are the specs for painting or replacing my mailbox?
There are two companies who supply mailboxes that meet our guidelines. For a fee they can paint your mailbox, replace it, share tips on painting the mailbox yourself, and perform other services.
Can I touch up the paint on my house or apply another full coat without approval since I am using the same paint?
If you have the previously approved architectural review application form and are using the exact brand and color that was approved, no. However, if you change colors, even if it is a shade different, or if you use a color matching service to determine what your paint color formula is, yes, you must get the paint color approved.  
Do I need approval to place a pre-fab kids playground set in my backyard? 
Yes. Pre-fab sets are usually approved but they do require review. Some custom built playgrounds are allowed but it depends on a number of factors.
Storage Unit
Can I build a free standing fully enclosed storage structure in my back yard for lawn equipment storage?
This is not allowed. 
Can I put a Tuff-Shed type structure in my back yard?
This is not allowed.