Frequently Asked Questions
Select a topic to see frequently asked questions. Ask additional questions by selecting Contact Us on the website menu. This page will be periodically updated with the most frequently asked questions submitted by residents.

Boating and Lake Usage

To answer questions on the following topics:
  • lake access and lake rules
  • allowed boats, boat registration (motorized boats and kayaks and canoes)
  • annual requirements to maintain boat registration
  • maps-fishing structures and slalom route
  • lake reports
  • marina and dry storage
access the Lake link from the website menu or Click Here
Is anything required when I sell my boat?
Yes, Members must remove the registration decal from the boat and notify the office when their boat is sold. If the boat is sold to another Lake Caroline member, that member is responsible for registering the boat with the office.
Can I launch a guest boat?
Guest boats are not allowed. 
Can I launch a boat with a gas powered engine at Camden Lake? 
Using a gas powered engine on Camden Lake is prohibited but you may launch a boat with such a motor as long as you don't use the motor. Only electric trolling motors may be used.
There is a big log lodged in my boat slip, could I get some help removing it?
Yes, contact us via phone or email, and a staff member will come remove it.
Can I move the ski buoys or no wake buoys? 
Only the Lake Committee can determine placement of buoys. 

Design and Architectural Review

Refer to the Design link on the website menu or Click Here. That page contains a Frequently Asked Questions section. 

Dogs and Other Animals

Do I have to keep my pet on a leash?
Yes. According to Madison County law, pets must be kept on a leash when outside of their property. Our association also requires pets to be leashed as keeping our neighborhood safe, healthy and clean is a priority for our community.  
Who to call when an animal is loose, being a nuisance, or barking incessantly?
Call the Madison County Animal Control Officer at (601)-856-6111. An officer will only respond to the person who observed the problem so please do not report it to the office. For emergencies, contact the Madison County Sheriff's Department at (601) 855-0728, or dial 911.
What about picking up pet waste?
Pet owners are to collect waste from their pets on common areas and within their own property. Leash your pets to prevent them from leaving waste on your neighbor's property. Trash cans and bags are available throughout the park for this purpose. 
What happens if my pet is picked up?
If you believe your pet is lost or has been picked up, call the dispatcher at 601-856-6111 and ask to speak with an Animal Control Officer.  Efforts will be made to reunite you with your pet. The City of Madison Webster Animal Shelter provides boarding and sheltering of lost pets until owners can be identified and located or adoptions can be facilitated.
Documents guiding behavior
Read the detailed Rules and Regulations and the Madison County Animal Control Ordinance.  

Driveways, Yards and Common Grounds

Driveway Blocked or Road Safety
All roads in Lake Caroline are considered public streets except Caroline Pointe, Belle Pointe and Katherine Pointe which are owned by the sub-associations of the neighborhood. If a property owner has a concern related to the ability to access or exit their home, or any other immediate safety issue related to a road, then the property owner should contact the Madison County Sheriff's department for assistance - (601) 859-2345 or 911. The Sheriff's office will respond to a direct request from the property owner, but not from the Lake Caroline Homeowners Association.
This differs from a complaint about a pothole or a road maintenance related issue. In those instances, please call the Madison County Road department at (601) 855-5671.
Can someone arrange to mow the empty lot next door?
Report the concern by using the Contact Us link on the website menu. 
Can I add or remove trees or plants from the common ground next to my property?
Only LCOA can alter common grounds. To have your request considered submit a request via the Contact Us link on the website menu. 
When will my neighborhood be mulched?
Mulch is applied to neighborhood beds spring and fall.

Fishing from Common Area

Is there common space for fishing? 
Common areas with lake frontage are open to fishing by LCOA members. They include the following:
Bellevue Club House on Lake Caroline
The most popular and convenient fishing is from the piers and along the shoreline at the Bellevue Clubhouse.
Fishing is not allowed from the dam along Bellevue Drive.
Martinique Clubhouse Peninsula on Lake Caroline
Another popular fishing spot is at the Martinique Clubhouse peninsula where there is ample shoreline to walk and cast. You must have a key card to enter the gate.
Boat Ramp and Dam at Camden Lake
A little bit out of the way but also open to fishing is the Camden Lake pier and dam. You may park at the boat ramp and cast along the dam and shoreline. No unauthorized motorized vehicles are allowed on the dam. You must have a key card to enter gate.
Caroline Crossing/Camden Pointe Roundabout and Common Area
You can fish from the shore. This area includes several parking spaces.

House Maintenance and Repairs

Refer to the Design link on the website menu. That page contains a Frequently Asked Questions section. 

Key Card to Access Amenities

How do I get a key card?
Call the office at 601-898-1370. 
Does a single card provide access to everything?
There are two different cards: 
  • Pool card 
  • Boat ramp card.
Pool Card
  • Bellevue Pool, tennis/pickleball courts, and restroom
  • Martinique automotive and pool gate
  • Whispering Pine automotive and pool gate
  • Camden Lake gate
  • Initial card - no cost
  • Replace lost or damaged card - $5.00 fee
  • Additional card (to have two active cards) - $50.00 fee.
Boat Ramp Card
Bellevue boat ramp
Martinique boat ramp
Initial - $5.00 upon registration of your boat
Replace lost or damaged card - $5.00 cost
Temporary Access to Clubhouses
Temporary access may be coded on your key card when you are approved to rent a clubhouse.
How do I get a replacement key card?
Contact the office and explain why the replacement is needed. See above for cost.  

Lake Level

What is this week's lake level?
Click Here and select the Lake Level tab to check the current and recent lake levels. 


Neighborhood entrance lights are out.
Please submit a Contact Us ticket and include a description of the location.
Street light is out in front of my home. 
Notify Entergy as they own the street lights. 

Login and Website

How do I reset my Username or Password
This only works if you have an email on file. If you receive News Notes your email is on file. If not, skip to What if I still need help with login.
Go to and:
1.      Click on Login at the top of your screen.
If your username was not recognized:
2.      Click on Login and select Forgot Username
3.      Check your email inbox. If the reset email is not there in 5 minutes, check your junk or spam folder.
4.      Using reset link, reset Username.
5.      Return to Login.
If your password was not recognized:
6.      Select Forgot Password.
7.      Check email inbox. If email is not there in 5 minutes, check your junk or spam folder.
8.      Using reset link, reset password.
9.      Return to Login and login with your new username and password.
Email not found when I attempt to login or reset my username or password.
See next question.
What if I need help with Login?
1.      Click on Contact Us on the website menu bar
2.      Select Login Assistance
3.      Send a message describing the problem. 
Someone will get back to you. Depending upon staff availability it may take up to one business day, however, it is usually much sooner. If you do not get an email, check your spam/junk folder. If there is no email, return to your Contact Us ticket and notify us.
When I try to update my profile with an email, it says my email is already in use.
An email may only be associated with one account. If someone else in your family is using the email with their account, you will not be able to list the email on your account. You will need a separate account.
I am not getting emailed communications from LCOA.
Select Contact Us from the main menu and message us. 
LCOA emails are going to my junk or spam folder. How do I change this?
That depends upon your email provider. Google Safelist an email address for (insert name of your email provider). For example, google Safelist an email address for Gmail. Or AOL or Outlook. Then follow the instructions.
What does it mean to select Yes to the Member Directory?
Select yes if you want your name, street address, and email address to show in the Member Directory. Only current Lake Caroline residents can see the directory; the public cannot access it. If you change your mind later you can opt in or opt out of the directory by selecting Your Profile next to your name at the top of the home screen. 
Linked documents won't open.
Adobe Reader is required to view PDF documents. If you cannot open documents on this website, download the free reader below.
Download Adobe Reader. If you have a pdf viewer and the link opens with an error message, message us using Contact Us. 
How do I ask for information to be updated or corrected?
If the info is related to your user profile, Login>Your Profile>then choose what you want to do. 
If the info is related to page content, use the Contact Us form on the navigation menu to notify us. 


Where do I get a replacement mailbox?
Mailbox designs vary according to neighborhood. For mailbox replacement, call the Project Manager at (601) 898-1370 to get the contact info for the company that provides your neighborhood’s specific mailboxes. Replacements range from approximately $35-65.
How do I touch up the paint on my mailbox? 
For mailboxes with matte, powder coated finishes, ask your paint store for a match. No ARC application is needed for mailbox replacements or maintenance.

News Notes

I no longer receive News Notes. How do I get added back to the list?
News Notes is sent to the email in your website profile. If your email has changed, login and update your profile. Often residents list work emails and their employers may block emails that they think are spam. Submit a Contact Us/Login Assistance ticket and we will let you know if your email is coming back as undeliverable. Important: return to the Contact Us ticket and check for our response because if your employer is blocking our emails you will not receive the emailed reply to your ticket. 
I am a new owner and want to sign up for News Notes
When your website account is established you automatically receive News Notes at the email address listed in your account. If you have not registered for an account, please register by clicking Register at the top of any of our website pages. If you have already registered (received an email to establish your password) but have not received News Notes, please read the info above titled I no longer receive News Notes. 

Pools, Pavilions and Clubhouses

How do I access the pools?
Use your key card to access all amenities.
Pool hours of operation, location, number of guests allowed, and other info.
Refer to the Pools and Pavilions section of our website. 
Can I use the pool in the winter?
Yes. Pools and pavilions remain open but the restrooms ae closed to protect from freezing.
Can I reserve the Pavilion at Whispering Pines or Martinique?
Refer to  Pools and Pavilions  for the process to reserve the Pavilion at Whispering Pines. All other amenities with the exception of the interior of the clubhouses are open to all the residents during posted use hours. A First come/ First serve policy applies.
How do I rent a clubhouse?
Contact the office at (601) 898-1370.
If I rent a clubhouse does that also include the pool and pavilion?
No. Other residents will be allowed to use those amenities.


Can you recommend a vendor for plumbing, septic, electrical, etc.?
To be fair and not show partiality, we do not recommend vendors. However, many members tell us that they find recommendations for vendors on social media sites, including Facebook's Lake Caroline-Neighborhood Businesses & Vendors, Facebook's Lake Caroline Living, Facebook's Lake Caroline for Sale, Nextdoor Neighbor, and the vendor guide in Lake Caroline Living Magazine. 


Who do I call for safety concerns?
For emergencies
Dial 911
For the Madison County Sheriff's Department
(601) 859-2345


Can I place a sign in my yard?
Yes. Up to three of the following signs are allowed on an owner's property at one time:
  • For Sale
  • Legal Proceedings
  • Special Occasion (may be displayed for 7 days). Ex., birth, graduation
  • School or Sports Team
  • Security Company
No other signs are allowed. 
At no time shall a sign be placed anywhere in the development except on the owner’s property. 
Signs not allowed include:
Political signs (neither candidate nor party endorsements nor statements of issues that support a political cause or platform)
Vendor endorsements
Garage or estate sale signs (garage and estate sales are prohibited)
Any other signs not listed above.
Additional rules related to placement and size can be found in the Rules and Regulations. 

Suggestion or Concern

How do I share suggestions about improving Lake Caroline?
1) You are encouraged to contact the Advisory Council with suggestions. The Council is charged with making recommendations to the board regarding pertinent issues. Click here to find the name of your neighborhood representative.
2) Use the Contact Us form on the navigation menu to email the office. Your message will be forwarded to the appropriate individual. 
I know a neighbor who is violating a covenant or rule. 
Please notify LCOA if you believe a violation has occurred, using the Contact Us form. Reports are confidential; your name will not be revealed to the neighbor. 
Why is my neighbor allowed to ignore the rules?
Rules are consistently enforced, however, it may take some time for a neighbor to become compliant. For example, a neighbor notified by letter of a violation may not respond by the deadline for resolution. If that occurs, subsequent actions are taken. This may involve escalating fines and ultimately, if someone does not comply, a lien may be filed against the property and a civil case filed in Justice Court. Due to confidentiality reasons, we do not share information specific to any resident so we cannot tell you whether disciplinary action is taking place. So, although it may appear that a neighbor is being "allowed" to violate a rule they are actually going through a disciplinary process designed to correct the violation.  

Tennis and Pickleball

How do I make a reservation?
Go to Amenities on the main menu then select Tennis and Pickleball to access the reservation page. 
How do I access the court facility?
Your LCOA keycard is needed to enter and exit the facility. 
How do I report a concern or idea?
Use the Contact Us form found on the main menu.
If someone refuses to yield a court when you have reserved it contact the office at 601.898.1370.


I have a water pressure or other water related problem.
Residents use either CMU or Bear Creek Water for their water supply, depending upon where they live in the community.
Click here and go to the Internet and Utilities section for links to both companies.