The second largest, privately owned fishing lake in the state anchors the Lake Caroline community. Encompassing 835 acres, residents enjoy boating, fishing and water sports on its waters. Separated by a dam, Caroline Cove, or "the fishing lake" as it is often called, holds 120 acres of fishing area that is restricted to no wake boating. To the west of Lake Caroline, residents will find the 59 acre Camden Lake, which is designated for fishing and boating in non-motorized boats. Both lakes are professionally maintained and monitored. 

Lake Access Points

Who Can Access our Lakes
Our lakes are private and should be accessed exclusively by property owners. Owners must accompany guests and are responsible for the conduct of such guests.   
Lake Caroline  Access
There are two boat ramps located at the Bellevue Clubhouse and Martinique Clubhouse. Both of our clubhouses are accessible from the lake and have space to dock boats.
Camden Lake Access
Camden Lake has kayak access at the Camden Crossing Roundabout and a boat ramp on McMillon Road. Using a gas boat motor to load a boat onto a boat trailer is not allowed when accessing Camden Lake. 

Lake Level

June 24 - 0.0 full pool
 June 17 - 2.16 inches above full pool
June 02 - 0.25 inches above full pool
May 26 - 2.15 inches below full pool
May 19 - 0.6 inches above full pool
May 12 - 1 inch above full pool
May 5 - 2.16 inches above full pool
April 28 - 3.5 inches above full pool
April 22 - 5.25 inches above full pool
April 14 - 10 inches above full pool
April 7 - 6 inches above full pool
March 24- 4 inches above full pool
March 17 - 2.75 inches above full pool
March 10 -  at full pull
March 4 - 5.5 inches below full pool
February 25 - 5.2 inches below full pool
February 17 -6.25 inches below full pool
February 11 - 8.4 inches below full pool
February 4 -7.8 inches below full pool
January 27 - 7.92 inches below full pool
January 20 - 7.2 inches below full pool
January 13 - 10.3 inches below full pool
January 7 - 13.8 inches below full pool
Prior Year of 2021
December 21 - 14.88 inches below full pool
December 16- 15.12 inches below full pool
December 9 - 15.84 inches below full pool
December 2 - 18 inches below full pool
November 24 - 17.64 inches below full pool
November 18 - 18 inches below full pool
November 4 - 16.8 inches below full pool
October 28 - 15.6 inches below full pool (culvert has been installed and November rains should begin replenishing the lake)
October 22 - 15.6 inches below full pool (culvert to be installed October 25 and rain water should bring the level back up after that)
October 14 - 12 inches below full pool
October 7 - 5.76 inches below full pool (level being reduced in preparation for installation of larger culvert on Caroline Blvd.)
September 30 - 0.5 inches above full pool

Using the Lake

LCOA does not provide any safety patrol for the lakes or common areas. LCOA does not warrant the safety of those using Lake Caroline, and individuals do so at their own risk. Boating, swimming, fishing, and other water activities are inherently dangerous. Individuals are responsible for their safety and the safety of others.

General usage includes fishing, pleasure boating, sailing, skiing (Lake Caroline only), and swimming. All Lake Caroline regulations must be observed.
Camden Lake - No gas powered motor may be used on Camden Lake. An electric trolling motor may be used. 
Hunting or trapping of wildlife is prohibited.
Read the document on Lake Usage

Allowed Boats

Purchasing a Boat
Boat requirements differ depending upon whether they will be used at Lake Caroline or Camden Lake. Contact Gene Gunalda at with questions prior to purchasing a boat.
Click here for 

Boater Education

LCOA does not provide any safety patrol for the lakes or common areas. LCOA does not warrant the safety of those using Lake Caroline, and individuals do so at their own risk. Boating, swimming, fishing,and other water activities are inherently dangerous. Individuals are responsible for their safety and the safety of others.
For your own personal safety it is suggested that all boat operators complete the boater safety course offered by the Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks.
Avoid blinding other boats with your lights at night
LED light bars mounted on the front of boats and docking lights can blind other boaters after dark. Please look out for your neighbors by using the right lights for your boating situation. Many boats have a 3-way switch indicating these lighting options:
  • Midpoint - lights are off
  • NAV - navigation lights are used when your boat is underway. This includes two situations; the boat is moving, or the boat is floating with the engine off. NAV lights allow you to see other boats, and other boats to see you, both of which are crucial to preventing collisions at night.
  • ANC – anchor light indicates that the boat is anchored.
When underway, deploy NAV lights and turn LED light bars and docking lights off to avoid collisions. The only other light recommended when underway is a rechargeable spotlight, which can be used by fanning left and right to spot obstructions in the water. This method is more effective in spotting obstruction than a constant beaming light such as a LED light bar. Be sure to point spotlights downward and away from boaters who could be blinded by the light.

Boat Registration

What Needs to be Registered
Registration applies to the following:
  1. All boats powered by motor(s) and/or engine(s) that meet the horsepower and length requirements established by LCOA.
  2. All towing vehicles and boat trailers.
Boats, towing vehicles, and boat trailers must be registered at the LCOA office and be properly identified with a Lake Caroline decal before access to the lake is allowed.
When Is Action Required?
Initially - Boats must be registered before accessing our lakes. The initial timepoints are:
·        Upon moving to Lake Caroline with a boat
·        When a new boat is purchased.
Annually - Once registered, members must renew their boat’s registration at least annually by providing a copy of the insurance policy on the boat showing current coverage, and the state registration document showing that it is in force for the upcoming 12 months.
Should either document show an expiration date occurring sooner than 12 months in the future, documentation will be required at the point the dates on the documents are no longer current.
When a Registered Boat is Sold
Members must remove the registration decal from the boat and notify the office when their boat is sold. If the boat is sold to another Lake Caroline member, that member is responsible for registering the boat with the office.
Registration Process
Contact the office by calling 601-898-1370.
Boats with Gas Powered Engines, Electric Trolling Motors, and Boat Trailers
1.    Documentation needed:
  • State Registration from any state in the lot owner’s name or delegate’s name (refer to Covenants Article II, Section III for the definition of delegate).
  • Insurance policy* document showing a minimum of $500,000 in liability coverage for the boat. In lieu of the general liability policy as described, proof of an umbrella policy with minimum limits of $500,000 will be accepted.
*Exception: Boats with electric trolling motors do not require insurance due to their slower speed capacity. 
2.    When requested, take your boat and trailer to the office.
3.    Pay the fees:
  • $5 sticker fee
  • $5 fee for a boat ramp access card (if card desired).
Once the staff has completed processing your application, they will affix a registration decal on your boat, towing vehicle and/or trailer. Decals are placed as follows:
  • Boat - on the side of the outboard motor or stern on inboards and some pontoons.
  • Vehicle - left rear window
  • Trailer – Driver’s side winch tower.
Kayaks, Canoes and Similar Watercraft
This is an optional process, and although not required, it can help you reunite with your boat should strong winds blow it away.  
The process:
1. Make an appointment with the office and give them this information:
  • Number of boats to be registered ($5 each).
  • Whether you want a boat ramp access card ($5).
2. At the appointment, pay applicable fees and pick up decals.
Neither insurance nor state registration is needed. 
Non-Compliance with Registration
Residents operating a boat on Lake Caroline without current registration will be fined $100 after one warning. This applies to boats which have not been registered or boats which were registered but registration has lapsed due to documents showing a date in the past. 
Any resident’s tow vehicle in the boat launching area without a proper LCOA sticker will be fined $100 after one warning.
Parked non-stickered tow vehicles will be assumed to be in violation and trespassing and will be subject to towing at the owner’s expense, or to prosecution for repeated offenses.

Marinas and Boat Storage

Although LCOA does not own or manage marinas or boat storage facilities, there are several of these in and near our community.
Bridgewater Marina
Wade Quinn
Phone (601) 506-5665
Camden Court Marina
Owned by Camden Court Owners Association
Marina Manager - David Harwell 
Phone (336) 682-9848
Cress Realty 
Phone (601) 427-9996
Dry Storage
Lake Caroline Storage
765 Catlett Road
Phone (601) 750-4903 or (601) 668-5287


No Wake
“No Wake” areas are designated by signs. No boat shall be operated in such a manner as to leave a wake in these or any canal area.
Caroline Cove, also known as the "Fishing Lake" is a "No Wake" area. This includes all water north of the Bridgewater Bridge on the North end of Lake Caroline.
Please read all of the sections on this page as they contain additional guidelines related to boating. 
Read the Lake Usage document for further information. 


Our lakes are professionally managed. Read the most recent lake reports, which describe the health of the lakes and the daily creel limit (the number of a particular fish species you may keep in one day's fishing).
For location of fishing structures, click on the Maps of Lake Caroline tab above. 
Previous year reports follow:
Fishing is allowed on both Camden Lake and Lake Caroline with these guidelines:
  1. Do not fish in open skiing areas while ski boats are in operation or in swimming areas when swimmers are present.
  2. Do not fish from bridges or dams.
  3. Refrain from any personal actions that could jeopardize the integrity of the lake or our fisheries including, but not limited to, adding fish to the lake. 
  4. Do not use seines, trotlines, cast nets, floats and unattended lines.
  5. Adhere to creel limits noted in the lake reports posted above. 
  6. No Contactor or contractor personnel will be permitted to hunt, fish, or bring pets or boats on LCOA property or owner’s property.
Refer to the Lake Usage document for more information. 

Skiing, Tubing and Swimming

Skiing and Tubing
All skiing and tubing must take place within the designated ski areas marked with white buoys or within the slalom course. The designated ski area is inside the white round buoys and north along the dam of the main lake, staying at least 100 feet from the dam and preceding in a counter-clockwise direction following the white round buoys marking the course. No skiing or tubing is allowed in the channel between the ski area and the slalom course. Access Ski Map here.
All boats pulling skiers or tubers must have an observer in addition to the driver.
All boats and skiers or tubers must stay at least 75 feet from all docks unless docking.
Watch for floating debris. Slow speeds are suggested outside the ski area because of logs or other hazards.
No skiing or tubing in Caroline Cove, also known as the "fishing lake." This includes all water North of the Bridgewater bridge.
No skiing or tubing after dark.
Please observe the "No Wake" zones, which are designated by signs. 
Swimming is prohibited around any of the controls to dams or standpipes. Jumping or diving from the bridge is prohibited.
  Photo Credit: Mona Trotter