Newcomer Packet
Dear Neighbor,
Welcome to the Lake Caroline community!  We hope you enjoy many years in our community making lifelong friends and memories.
As you get settled in your new home, this page will help answer your questions. After review, if you have comments, concerns, or unanswered questions, fill out the Contact Us form or call the Business Office at (601) 898-1370. Office hours are Monday through Friday (except holidays), 8am-noon, 1pm-5pm, appointments are encouraged.
Lake Caroline is a beautiful and appealing place to live because we have a strong homeowners association. The ability to protect the financial investment of our properties and create a strong social bond among our community members is due in large part to volunteerism. Please consider serving on a committee, the Advisory Council, or the board, or volunteering at one of our many social events. It is a great way to get to know your neighbors while using your talents and expertise to strengthen our association.
Finally, please check the “News Notes” that are emailed each week for an updated list of different activities that are all a part of living in this wonderful community.” 
JoJo Herring
Volunteer, Communication Committee
Garbage Pickup & Bulk Items, Recycling options
Garbage Pickup
  • No account is necessary for garbage pickup. If your trash can is on the curb at the right time trash will be collected.
  • Garbage pickup is every Wednesday, including holidays that fall on a Wednesday.
  • Garbage should be set out curbside no later than 7 a.m. the morning of collection, or no earlier than the evening prior to the day of collection.
  • All garbage cans, trash receptacles, and other unsightly objects must be placed or stored concealed from view from streets and adjacent properties.
  • Trash cans and other receptacles shall be removed from the streets or sidewalks after trash pickup has been completed.
Bulk Items
Please contact Waste Management for bulk items such as mattresses, old furniture or appliances. If you have furniture to give away, an option is to use the NextDoor app to announce a curb alert.
Madison County provides recycling drop off locations. To find out where they are located follow this link.
Pet Policy
Pets are an important part of the lives of many of our neighbors here at Lake Caroline. We have specific rules to keep our neighborhood safe, healthy and clean for residents and pets.
  • When outside, keep your pets in a fenced area, or on a leash or pet stroller when walking with your pet in the neighborhood.
  • Pet owners are to collect waste from their pets on any and all common areas, and within their own property. 
Please take a few moments and read the detailed Rules and Regulations regarding your pet family members and the Madison County Animal Control Ordinance, which also applies to Lake Caroline.  
Driveway Blocked or Road Safety
All roads in Lake Caroline are considered public streets except Caroline Pointe, Belle Pointe, and Katherine Pointe which are owned by the sub-associations of the neighborhood. If a property owner has a concern related to the ability to access or exit their home or any other immediate safety issue related to a road, then the property owner should contact the Madison County Sheriff's department for assistance by calling (601) 859-2345 or 911. The Sheriff's office will respond to a direct request from the property owner, but not from the Lake Caroline Homeowners Association.
This differs from a complaint about a pothole or a road maintenance related issue. In those instances, please call the Madison County Road Department at (601) 855-5671.
Our amenities offer something for every age group.  Click on the Amenities button on the menu bar to learn more.  Some of what you will find there includes:
  • lake use, boating and skiing maps
  • hours of operation for the pools
  • where to obtain keycard for amenity access 
  • tennis and pickleball courts
  • park and walking trail, and
  • children's playgrounds.
Rules & Regulations and Covenants
As a resident and neighbor of the Lake Caroline community, and a member of our Owners Association, we are governed by a set of guidelines to function well within the community. Inside these documents, you will find information on the appearance of your home and property, use of our lakes and common areas, pet restrictions, parking requirements, design guidelines, and other important subjects. The success of a community is dependent upon the cooperation of all residents so that we can thrive as a neighborhood and protect our investment in our home. Please take some time to review these documents.  Should you have any questions, please contact our Business Office for assistance at (601) 898-1370.
Quick Links:
Lakes for info on lake usage, boating and boat registration
Local Info for utilities, local government, etc.
FAQs for frequently asked questions about living in the Lake Caroline community
Contact Us to contact the office staff
1. Contact LCOA Business Office at (601) 898-1370 to schedule an appointment. Appointments are needed to:
  • Get a keycard to access amenities
  • Register boat(s) or kayak, if applicable
  • Schedule a brief orientation.
2. Register for New Member access to our website. Most pages are public but you will need to login to register for events, reserve a tennis or pickleball court, view the Member Directory or submit a photo.  
3. Review Covenants, and Rules and Regulations.
4. Check Social tab on website to find activities of interest.