Pools and Pavilions
LCOA has three saltwater pools located on Bellevue Drive at the Bellevue clubhouse, on Peninsula Drive at the Martinique clubhouse and on Bridgewater Drive. Be sure to bring your key card to access our amenities. 
Hours of Operation
During summer months the pools are usually open 8:00 a.m. until 8:00 p.m. daily. 
Pool Closure Schedule for Maintenance:
Monday - Martinique
Tuesday - Bellevue
Wednesday - Whispering Pines 
*Pools may need to be closed for additional maintenance from time to time. A blast email is sent to you when this occurs.
Guest Limit  
4 guests per household. Household includes the member and anyone residing in the household. Members who want to request approval for additional guests must call the office at 601.898.1370 during office hours so please plan ahead. The intention is that an owner and/or member of the owner’s household, may bring up to 4 guests. Please see the following examples:
  • A Grandmother living with an owner may bring 4 guests if no other member of the household is bringing guests.
  • A family member living with owners may take 4 guests, if no other member of the household has brought guests.
  • There are 3 people in a household: a parent and two children. If one child brings 2 guests and the other brings 2 guests then the household limit of 4 guests has been met. 
Pavilion Reservations
Requests for parties using 1/2 of the Whispering Pines pavilion will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Please submit a Contact Us ticket or call us at 601.898.1370 with your request. The Bellevue and Martinique pavilions will not be used for parties.
Bellevue Pool
There is a swimming pool for adults and children and a separate wading pool for babies and toddlers. A children's playground is located adjacent to the pool.  
667 Bellevue Drive
Martinique Pool and Pavilion
The Martinique pool overlooks Martinique Cove. Sun in a lounge chair or sit at a picnic table under the shady pavilion. 
121 Peninsula Drive
Whispering Pines Pool and Pavilion
This resort style facility holds our largest swimming pool. It contains a lane for swimmers and a U shaped design with an island peninsula where adults can watch children from the comfort of a lounge chair. Beautifully landscaped and built on a large wooded lot, spending time at Whispering Pines will make you feel like you are on vacation. A large pavilion with comfortable resort seating, a long island bar, and tables and chairs provide a welcome break from the sun and a place to eat, talk and play games. 
187 Bridgewater Drive
Pool Rules
The pool rules are as follows:   
  1. For emergencies call 911.
  2. No lifeguard on duty. Use of facilities is exclusively at your own risk.
  3. Only you and your accompanied guests may access the pool. Giving your key to someone else, propping the gate open, letting someone without an access card into the area, or accessing the pool outside of the posted hours is prohibited.
  4. Children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult.
  5. Keep food and drink on deck area only.
  6. Place trash in receptacles.
  7. No glass containers.
  8. Proper swimwear required.
  9. No running or horseplay.
  10. No children with diapers allowed in the pool (swim diapers allowed in kiddie/wading pool).
  11. No pets allowed.
  12. If you have been in the lake, please shower before entering the gate.
  13. No smoking or vaping.
  14. No cursing. 
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